The various CD-Roms available to you through this site are designed for heraldists and genealogists alike. With them, everyone carrying out research in these fields will have a whole range of tools at their disposal which are aimed both at facilitating an understanding of heraldry (including a glossary and examples of designs) and at providing them with information about their family origins.

The prices of the CD-Roms are extremely reasonable. Their author’s prime objective was that they should be of help to all who wanted the research results left for ensuing generations to be genuine as well as perfectly presented.

All the designs shown on this site and in our CD-Roms (more than 4,000 of them, to date) are originals and hand-painted in natural colours.

The designs in our CD-Roms (and also, to come, the medieval-style illuminated drawings) have been planned so that the user can incorporate, wherever he wishes, the natural colours which are as close as possible to those of the ancient illuminations. The standard colours available on computer are not exactly right for your family arms.

As far as we know, we are the only people able to offer you this facility legally - currently covering nearly 350,000 coats of arms.
This is fully accepted by Généanet, which has made our data base available to its members.